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You (now):  Pioneer. Path-forger. Brave Soul. Kindred Spirit. 

You (after Giant Steps): Inspired. Connected. Informed. Moved. Motivated. Re-Assured. Expanded. In-tune. Challenged. Fortified. Un-stuck. Even better.

At Giant Steps we’ll explore what it means to be "unabashedly, unapologetically yourself" in building your artistic career or your business with conversations about:

  • The 'Right' Way vs. Your Way: Moving from what we think we're supposed to do…to forging our own path in our field or industry--and why that's a challenging, but powerful, recipe for growth.
  • Alignment: Why aligning our work with ourselves can boost our businesses and careers. 
  • Competition, collaborations, audiences and customer bases: how they shift when you know who you are and what you do (or don't do).
  • How we get in our own way: impostor syndrome, self-doubt, tentative steps, and getting past it.
  • The forces and situations that keep us from being ourselves and push us into conformity, code-switching, and mediocrity. 
  • Survival, solidarity, and social justice. Protecting ourselves and each other in tumultuous times while also building businesses and making art that pushes back and presses forward.
  • And more...

Most importantly, we use our time at Giant Steps to inspire each other to pursue our work in a way that best fits with who we are. 

Invest in your unabashed, unapologetic self. You're worth it.

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