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Scott LeGere-Giant-Steps

Scott LeGere

Over the past 18 years, Scott LeGere has played key roles in the ownership and operation of audio recording facilities, independent record labels, media schools, and commercial music production companies. During this time he has engineered Grammy nominated albums, produced critically acclaimed independent projects, lectured nationally in university classrooms and conferences, and foolishly hauled both Yamaha CP-70s and Hammond B3s (concurrently) to gigs. In 2010, he co-founded NoWare Media and since then has helped produce Clio, Emmy, and Cannes Lion award winning commercial spots for Target, General Mills, PepsiCo, Bauer Hockey, BluDot, and many others. In addition to his industry endeavors, Scott has taught media economics in several Twin Cities institutions for over a decade and currently chairs the Music Business Department at the McNally Smith College of Music. In a continuing attempt to distill some wisdom from the above “career” to his students, Scott is generally optimistic about the future of art making in today’s economy- you can still make money in music, however, you might need to be prepared for your job to include writing lyrics that rhyme with “broccoli”.