Kevin Beacham Giant Steps

Kevin Beacham

Kevin Beacham is a respected underground Hip Hop educator, writer, DJ and most importantly, fan. He discovered and fell in love with Hip Hop in early 1980 and has continued on a path every since to not only be active in the Culture, but to continually learn more and share that knowledge and his experiences. Thru out this journey he has been a MC, Breakdancer, Producer, Artist Manager, DJ, Promoter, and more. He’s worked at Rhymesayers/Fifth Element for over 11 years holding various management positions in the realms of marketing and retail. He’s been active as a radio show host since 1995, staring on WNUR in Chicago with Time Travel and later transitioning to The Current in the Twin Cities, first with Redefinition Radio and most recently with H2 Radio with co-host Siddiq Sayers (Rhymesayers CEO).

Kevin has also spent the last 15+ years being active as a guest speaker and teacher at various schools (covering Elementary thru High School), colleges, community centers, industry events, music/entrepreneurial conferences, etc… He has also taught his Hip Hop Essentials class at The Institute of Production and Recording since 2006. His primary focus and passions these days are two of his most ambitious projects to date- “Microphone Mathematics” and “Redefine: Hip Hop”. Microphone Mathematics is an ongoing freelance column that he’s been writing since 1994 that analyzes Hip Hop lyrics. It is also the title for his upcoming debut book that takes a detailed and critical look at the evolution of rhyme writing thru out Hip Hop’s history. Redefine: Hip Hop is a massive research project aiming to amass the most diverse and expansive database on Hip Hop history.