Irene Bakic Giant Steps

Irena Bakić

Global Panel

Irena Bakić is leading CodeBus Africa – a creative technology project which brings together African and Finnish innovators in tech and education to organise creative coding workshops for youth in ten African countries. The project aims at inspiring youth to discover and make use of technology in their lives, and empower especially girls to explore technology’s possibilities for their future. Irena believes that anyone can learn anything, when learning is made fun and creative.

Prior to CodeBus, Irena was fostering collaboration between UNICEF and Aalto University in Finland and Makerere University in Uganda, did an internship at UNICEF Innovation unit in New York and worked with several start-ups in Finland and Uganda. In academia, Irena has lectured and mentored students at various courses at Aalto University and New York University. Irena graduated from Aalto University as a MA in Chemical engineering in 2016. Irena was a speaker at the first Ted-x youth event in Finland and won the Women and Technology Finland Award in 2012.