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Dr. Vanjelis Ngwa Giant Steps

Dr. Vanjelis Ngwa

Dr. Vanjelis Ngwa, popularly known as Van, is a speaker, coach, consultant, and writer. Van’s expertise is on the topic of power. Through his company CollisaGroup, he works with a team of seasoned experts to help individuals, leaders, and organizations properly comprehend and leverage the concept of power in order to achieve their personal and organizational goals. Van possesses an unrelenting search for understanding which he believes is at the root of all success.  He has a knack for grasping complex issues and breaking them down into simple understandable concepts. Van has taken the stage on various platforms within the United States as well as globally; most recently in Dubai. He has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies (nationally and internationally) and brings a wealth of experience in navigating the multi-pronged challenges of today’s world. His clients range from everyday individuals to powerful leaders in education, for-profit, non-profit, sports, entertainment, and government. In addition, he currently serves as a board member and adjunct professor in the Leadership program at the University of St. Thomas where he instructs masters and doctoral students on various aspects of leadership.


October 7, 2016
Power: Why We Need It; When to Hold Back; and How to Pursue It