Bo Thao Urabe Giant Steps

Bo Thao Urabe

Bo Thao-Urabe is Founder and Network Director of the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL), which harnesses the collective power of Asian American leaders from across sectors, generations and ethnicities to improve the lives of community. Bo is also Founder and Chief Operating Officer of RedGreen Rivers, a social enterprise connecting women artisans in Southeast Asia to global markets in order to preserve indigenous art forms and increase economic well-being of women and their families. Previously she served as Senior Director at AAPIP, a national philanthropic group, where she led the design and implementation of innovative social justice philanthropy initiatives.

Bo has held a variety of positions, including serving as executive director of national and local nonprofits.

Bo’s work focuses on creating community-centered, asset-based solutions that ensure meaningful outcomes and lasting change. Her commitment to improving community conditions so that all people thrive has birthed local, national and international organizations, a giving circle and several businesses.

She currently sits on the Boards of Springboard for the Arts, Minnesota Historical Society, Nonprofits Assistance Fund and The Minneapolis Foundation. Bo has received numerous awards recognizing her leadership, including being one of the few people in Minnesota with the honor of having the same day named after her in both the City of Saint Paul and the State of Minnesota.