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Allison Bross-White Giant Steps

Allison White

Allison Bross-White is a small business owner, an activist and a community mama. After spending many years in the retail corporate world, Allison decided to open b. resale, a used clothing store focusing on streetwear & locally made goods. Backed by a degree in Retail Merchandising & Business Administration, Allison was able to turn her love of fashion, hip hop, and the environment into a thriving business. Now in its sixth year, the shop has cemented itself as a staple in the Minneapolis fashion scene by uniting the ideas of conscious shopping habits with style and community mindedness. Allison has no regrets about leaving the corporate world to pursue her lifelong dream. She says the best thing about being self-employed is creating the work environment she has always wanted, and being able to connect with the community on a daily basis.